Casinos of Spain with no deposit bonuses

  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins

No deposit bonuses are very useful tools to be able to play and not have to spend real money trying different online casino games.

If you want to enjoy a new platform but you are not sure that it is for you, take advantage of these bonuses. Below I will tell you everything about no deposit bonuses in Spanish online casinos.

Top 10 casinos in Spain that offer no deposit bonuses

Spain has some of the best online casinos that can be found. All of them offer bonuses to their users for registration, including no deposit bonuses, as a way to welcome them to the platform. In the following table you can see the top 10 casinos in Spain that offer bonuses to their players.

CasinoGamesRTP Deposit / withdrawal methodsPopular slots
LeoVegas500+96%PayPal, Klarna, TarjetaChronicles of Olympus
Tonybet Casino1000+95,63%PayPal, Neteller, TarjetaBuffalo King
Luckia Casino2000+96,94%Bizum, Neteller, Skrill, PayPalStarburst
Codere Casino250+96,30%Prepago, PayPal, AstroPay, TarjetaBig Bass Bonanza
Play Jango1500+97,54%Tarjeta, Paysafecard, BizumGold Oasis
Lowen Play1200+95,34%PayPal, Bizum, TarjetaBlue Wizard
Kirolbet Casino400+96,74%Bizum, TarjetaWild Pistolero
Platin Casino750+97,21%PayPal, Bizum, VisaBig Bass Crash
Bet365 Casino600+93,12%PayPal, Visa, SkrillAge of the Gods
Betway Casino750+97%Trustly, PayPal, TarjetaBook of Antem

All of them warmly welcome their players with interesting experiences and casino games that attract more and more people. No deposit bonuses that offer FS and balance to players are also highly coveted, although these no deposit bonuses are only available to those who have registered, and depending on the casino the bonus is only available for selected slot machines.

How to determine the best no deposit casino in Spain

Choosing the best online casino in Spain is not easy. There are many interesting options. In order to determine this, the promotions, deposit methods and free bonuses offered by these casinos are generally taken into account. To do this, the following key factors are used:

  • Bonus amount. The amount of real money they offer through promotions varies. Along with rollover, it is one of the most important pieces of data to determine which is the best platform.
  • Bonus validity period. Each no deposit bonus may have a different validity. Taking this aspect into account, you can know which casino offers the best bonuses.
  • Bonus withdrawal procedure. What is known as rollover is a fundamental aspect of casino bonuses, lax conditions and a simple process are the qualities to look for.
  • Casino reliability. Popularity, exposure and licensing provisions are analyzed, as well as the companies that are responsible for auditing their online games and prizes to establish their reliability.
casino with no deposit bonuses

How to use no deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses are a great way to play at the online casino without having to risk real money.

These bonuses are obtained directly through the promotions offered for free by online casinos. They can occur completely randomly, through events or periodically depending on the platform on which it is played, although the most common way to find them is as a first bonus for casino players.

New players are the ones who take the most advantage of this no deposit bonus since it was initially designed so that they can try the different games available at the online casino before making any deposit of money.

Legality of no deposit bonuses in Spain

In Spain, no deposit bonuses are not prohibited in online casinos. However, many casinos in Spain have gotten rid of them as they are generally a welcome promotion.

The decision to eliminate no-deposit bonuses in Spanish casinos is due to the approval of Royal Decree 958/2020, which leaves the possibility of disseminating promotions and bonuses to any player who has not completed a minimum of 30 days on the platform since your registration and have verified your identity.

As stated in Chapter II, Article 13. Promotion activities.

“For these purposes, operators may only offer promotions to those of their clients who, cumulatively:

  1. Have a gaming account open for at least 30 days.
  2. Have been documentally verified.”

This means that the bonuses are legal, however free bonuses cannot be given to attract new players, and therefore they cannot be displayed openly to the public.

This is a law that has completely eliminated welcome bonuses, which were so popular to attract new players, the most popular technique in casinos where they give away funds to play for free without requiring a deposit when registering.

Types of no deposit bonuses at online casinos

Although broadly identical, the no deposit bonuses offered for free at online casinos can be divided into three groups, depending on what they offer to their players.

  1. Free Spins: used in slot machines where FS are awarded. FS in individual games may be specified in the terms and conditions.
  2. Direct money: the casino directly debits the incentive money to the account so that it can be used in any free game.
  3. Chips: those casinos that specialize in poker, blackjack and other table games may convert your no deposit bonus into chips, allowing you to play a variety of card games for free.

Each of these no deposit casino bonuses has different rollover requirements, as well as the applications that can be given to the bonus, so it is necessary to verify the conditions of the accepted incentives before playing.

no deposit bonuses at casinos

Who needs no deposit bonuses from casinos?

We will describe the cases when it is advisable for players to use incentives.

New players in particular are the ones who can benefit the most from online casino bonuses. They are designed for them. They allow them to test the platform and the various games without having to make any deposit.

Also experienced players who want to try different online casinos can take advantage of the incentives. These are promotions that are offered free to all players on the platforms, sometimes once the registration time requirement is met, other times they are obtained periodically.

Each casino has a unique way of offering their players the ability to continue using their platform and win money without the need to make a deposit.

Advantages and disadvantages of no deposit bonuses

Although you may think that with casino promotions in Spain everything is an advantage, it is important to take into account various aspects that can be considered something totally contrary when it comes to benefiting from no deposit bonuses.

The following table highlights the main pros and cons of these free promotional money incentives that some of the casinos currently offer.

Play without risk
You can get a bonus with a promotional balance to play without having to make any type of deposit, so you do not risk your own funds.
Disproportionate rollover
Generally these free casino incentives have some difficult requirements to meet in order to convert the free balance into a withdrawable one.
Possibility of earning money
Although the gift bonus is a promotional balance, once the rollover has been completed, winnings from slot machines and other games can be withdrawn.
Limitations of use
Some casinos limit the use of the bonus to certain slot machines or specific games on their platform, so it cannot be used throughout the casino or its slots.
No commitments
Accepting a no deposit bonus does not tie you to a casino. You can leave it whenever you want, without any type of ties due to the free balance they give away.
Limited money
The promotional balance they give away for free is usually very limited, and can be enough to try only a few games. Therefore, sometimes a deposit may be necessary.
Easy to redeem
Accepting the balance they give away at the casino through the no deposit promotional bonus is very simple. There are practically no requirements to accept it.
Validity time
There is a validity period to use the incentive, so it can be lost without having played and without having the opportunity to meet the requirements for a withdrawal.
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Loss of online casino no deposit bonuses

Just because a casino offers a free no deposit bonus does not mean that everything is done. It is possible to lose the free money that these casinos offer as a welcome gift to players through free bonuses. Either due to not carefully reading the conditions that exist in these bonuses that give away money or due to lack of knowledge when using the bonuses.

The main reasons why free casino bonuses without deposit are lost are the following:

  • Bonus expiration: when free bonuses are offered, they have a time limit. In the case of having accepted it, it is necessary to play before the bonus is completed. If the date expires without having used the gift, it is lost.
  • Not fulfilling the rollover: you can win even with the free amount given by these bonuses, however it is necessary to fulfill the requirements of the promotion. In the case of not doing it in the stipulated period of time, either in slot machines or gaming tables, the total accumulated is lost.
  • Non-acceptance of the conditions: before you can use one of the no-deposit bonuses you are shown the conditions. Some of them indicate that you can only play on certain slots, in case you do not agree with the conditions you will lose the bonus.

It is important to know that the free spins or chips that are given away in casinos in Spain are associated with certain requirements and obligations. If they are not met, the gift offered will be lost.

Not accepting the conditions does not mean rejecting the free bonus. This may remain available at the casino until it expires.

The duration of no deposit casino bonuses always depends on the casino you play at, and free no deposit promotions can be very different between different casinos.

What people ask about no deposit bonuses at Spanish casinos

<h3>Can I withdraw bonuses without making a deposit at a casino?</h3>

You can withdraw the real money you have won with your bonuses at the casino without having to make a deposit as long as you have met the rollover requirement. Some online casinos require a deposit to be withdrawn, therefore in these casinos you will not be able to withdraw real money.

<h3>Are no deposit bonuses legal in Spanish casinos?</h3>

Free casino bonuses without deposits are legal in online casinos but you must have completed registration for a minimum of 30 days.

<h3>How do you withdraw no deposit bonuses?</h3>

Once the rollover requirement indicated by the no deposit bonuses has been met, simply access the deposit/withdrawal area located in the casino to be able to withdraw the promotional money from the platform.

<h3>What bonuses are considered no deposit bonuses?</h3>

Those free casino bonuses in which it is not necessary to deposit real money into the casino to access them, and which offer the possibility of playing for free.

<h3>Can I get no deposit bonuses for mobile casino games?</h3>

Yes. Online casinos that play on mobile devices also give away no deposit bonuses to their players.

<h3>Are there no deposit bonuses for Bitcoin?</h3>

Some casinos that offer the possibility of making deposits or withdrawals in Bitcoin also have this type of no deposit bonuses.

<h3>What are no deposit bonuses for?</h3>

Among other things, no deposit bonuses allow you to try various games and casinos without the need to invest real money in it.

<h3>Are no deposit bonuses only for new players?</h3>

In Spain, casino players who have recently completed their registration cannot obtain bonuses. Free bonuses are only available after 30 days of registration and not before having verified your identity. Although newer players tend to be able to access these free bonuses, online casinos can offer them to everyone.

<h3>What games can I use no deposit bonuses for?</h3>

It varies depending on the conditions of the bonus itself. Some casinos allow you to use the real money, spins or chips they offer in all games, others limit them to specific titles.

Expert opinion

Using no deposit bonuses has always been a great way to test the different qualities that specific casinos or games offer. Without them it would be impossible to test some of their features, since the amount of real money necessary to be able to play all the titles offered by a platform is very high.

Because casino no-deposit bonuses allow you to play for free, they are perfect for the task. Before accepting any bonus in a casino, it is important to analyze the conditions indicated by the casino, to be sure when the free bonus ends and if it is possible to withdraw the real money that may have been won with it once it has ended.

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