Spain’s best casinos with Apple Pay in 2024

  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins

Playing at an online casino using your mobile has never been easier. Now you can not only enjoy the best games through apps, but also make deposits from your mobile wallet. If you are an iPhone user, you will appreciate being able to use Apple Pay at online casinos.

We are going to show you which are the best online casinos where you can play and make use of Apple Pay as a payment and withdrawal method.

Top 10 casinos that accept Apple Pay

In Spain, there are some of the best online casinos that can be found on the net. Among the hundreds of platforms, the Spanish ones offer many advantages over the rest, both in terms of security and in their offer of virtual and live games.

Many have opted to make Apple Pay available to those who want to enjoy their best gambling games, adding a proven payment method with great security that allows maintaining the anonymity of the payment information used by players. 

These are the best online casinos with Apple Pay that we recommend today where you can make secure deposits and withdrawals without putting your personal and banking information at risk.

CasinoLive gamesBetsAppFeatures
Bet on RedYesYesYes— average reimbursement limits;
— first class suppliers;
— 24-hour customer service.
LeoVegasYesNoYes— award winning eGaming;
— more than 1000 slot games;
— no withdrawal limits.
Nine CasinoYesYesNo— progressive jackpot casino games;
— blocking of suppliers in certain countries;
— multiple currencies per account.
Casino 777YesYesNo— top-tier gaming providers;
— unlimited withdrawals available;
— large company in charge of its systems.
Bwin CasinoYesYesYes— exclusively for residents of Spain;
— part of one of the largest online gaming corporations;
— wide range of games and sports betting.
Slots PalaceYesYesYes— compatible with multiple cryptocurrencies;
— wide variety of languages and currencies available;
— live chat with automatic translation for multi-language support.
MyStakeYesYesYes— international platform that allows players from all over the world;
— incredible offer of games and suppliers;
— 24-hour customer support.
Platin CasinoYesNoYes— has a license issued by the DOGJ;
— exclusive for players residing in Spain;
— high withdrawal limit.
Play UzuYesNoYes— unlimited monthly withdrawals;
— online bingo available;
— variety of table games could be improved.
PAFYesNoYes— more than 2500 games available;
— great reputation and 25 years of experience;
— Spanish-speaking telephone support available.
  • Bet on Red logo casino
    Bet on Red
    9.9/ 10
    450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • Jokabet logo
    9.7/ 10
    450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • NINE CASINO logo
    Nine Casino
    9.1/ 10
    450€ + 250 Free Spins

We have verified that these casinos comply with the legislation and can operate in Spain, as well as have all the necessary measures in place to keep their players safe from fraud.

Do you prefer to play at other online casinos? We will also show you how to choose among the possible online casinos that offer Apple Pay as a payment method with a series of recommendations that you have to take into account, and that are fundamental to choose good gaming platforms that accept the tool from Apple among its multiple payment methods.

The most important thing about paying in a casino with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a system used by millions of people around the world. It also has a large number of users in Spain, to the point that Spanish casinos have chosen to include it among their payment methods.

Behind this system is Apple, one of the largest technology companies in the world, which has multiple services and systems that keep users’ information safe.

  • Data encryption: encrypt the payment information of each transaction.
  • Biometric security: FaceID and TouchID are used to verify the identity of the payer.
  • Card security: associated cards have their own security measures.
  • Anonymity: they do not share card information with the casinos that issue payments.

Thanks to Apple Pay, casino players can rest assured that their information is completely secure and can make incredibly fast and easy payments using only their mobile devices.

How to pay at online casinos via Apple Pay

From the time you access a casino with Apple Pay until you can make your first deposit will only take a few minutes.

Here are the five steps to pay at casinos using Apple Pay:

  1. Create an account at the desired casino by filling out the form with the requested information.
  2. Verify the casino account with a valid ID.
  3. Choose Apple Pay in the “Deposits” section as the desired method of payment.
  4. Indicate the amount you want to add to your casino account. The minimum deposit may vary between casinos and is usually between 5 and 10 euros.
  5. Enter your Apple Pay account information to proceed with the payment.

Once the transaction has been validated it will take a few seconds before you can see the funds inside the casino. Once the balance is indicated you will be able to start playing all the games that the casino offers you.

online casinos via Apple Pay

Warnings when using Apple Pay in casinos

When playing in a casino with Apple Pay it is important to pay attention to different factors, which may be necessary to identify fraudulent platforms or that may threaten the security of the user when playing in the casino.

  • License: make sure that the casino has a license issued by the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ).
  • Security: it must have an encryption that encodes the connection between the casino and the user.
  • Reputation: playing in casinos that have a certain reputation can avoid many problems.
  • Recommendations: look for casinos that are recommended by other people who have played, or by experts like ours.

Even though Apple Pay can be an incredibly secure service, carelessness can always lead to inconveniences. That is why it is necessary to consider the points we have described above.

In case of encountering any problems, it will always be necessary to contact the service of the platform where it has occurred, as well as Apple Pay customer service, who will verify that all Apple Pay systems on the account are working properly and whether it is possible to fix the problem.

The main advantages of Apple Pay

Apple Pay has numerous advantages over other payment methods available in the main online casinos. Thanks to these benefits, both for casinos and users, Apple Pay has been massively adopted in these platforms, being one of the most used means to make deposits in casinos.

The main advantages enjoyed when using Apple Pay in casinos are:

  • Security: Apple Pay has military-grade systems, using biometric options to protect the information and ensure that no one can access the data.
  • Speed: deposits and withdrawals from the platforms are made immediately, in just a few minutes.
  • Privacy: it offers complete privacy over the cards used in Apple Pay, not disclosing your information to the platforms where you make payments.
  • Commissions: using Apple Pay does not usually entail any commission for deposits or withdrawals at casinos.

These four are some of the main qualities that are sought after when making online payments, and that are very desirable when playing at online casinos, especially those that do not have a proven reputation or when trying out new casinos.

Use Apple Pay whenever you can, as a trusted method to play on platforms, as long as you do not want to reveal the information of the cards you use in the wallet.

Apple Pay in the mobile casinos

Security of the Apple Pay payment method in casinos

Apple Pay is probably one of the safest methods to pay at online casinos. This payment platform has several technologies that guarantee the security of users’ banking and personal data.

In addition to encryption of information, which is a widespread system to protect data in case of theft, Apple Pay also has biometric security. Through Touch ID (the fingerprint system) or Face ID (facial recognition), access to the platform is blocked so that only the legitimate owner can make payments.

Anyone who wants to use Apple Pay must protect access to the platform using these biometric codes. This layer of security makes it impossible for any outsider to make use of a user’s data, even if they have access to the username and password. The biometric data must also be available to make payments or withdrawals, as well as changes to the Apple account.

How to use Apple Pay in Spanish casinos

Online casinos that offer this payment method do it with astonishing ease. However, in order to access the casino and make use of the best payment system, it is first necessary to open an Apple Pay account.

Creating an Apple Pay account to make deposits or withdrawals in a casino is quite simple:

  1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone or iPad device.
  2. Add a credit or debit card by entering the credit or debit card information.
  3. Add the card on all the devices you want to use Apple Pay.
  4. Start enjoying secure payments.

Apple Pay is integrated into all Apple-branded devices, including iPhone, iPad and Watch. Cards added to devices may or may not be linked to the user’s ID, so you may need to add cards regardless if you have already done so on a device with your ID.

When a linked card exists, simply log in to the casino (making use of the user ID and password chosen to create an account), and select Apple Pay as the payment method to be able to add funds to the profile and start playing the best games available at the casino.

Apple Pay in Spanish casinos

Apple Pay in online casino applications

Considering that Apple Pay is one of the best systems designed for mobile devices, it is easy to make use of it in casinos through their applications. Generally, the best casino apps have multiple payment methods designed mainly for this type of platform.

As smartphones gain popularity in the world of casino gaming, more and more casinos are launching their own apps to offer exclusive content to these users, as well as mobile-only deposit methods.

Fortunately for all Apple Pay users, it is possible to use this system both in casino applications and in the web version, which is accessible both from mobile devices (through a browser) or desktop computers, as well as laptops.

This compatibility with all systems makes Apple Pay present in more and more Spanish casinos, being one of the best options to make payments in casinos that can be found in the territory.

Frequently asked questions about Apple Pay at Spanish online casinos

<h3>Is Apple Pay the best casino payment method for Apple users?</h3>

Apple Pay is one of the best methods for Apple users to make deposits at online casinos, thanks to its non-existent commissions and the speed at which deposits and withdrawals are carried out at the best gambling platforms.

<h3>Is Apple Pay a secure payment method?</h3>

Apple Pay offers enormous security to its users, encrypting their transaction information as well as protecting the information of the cards that users have used on Apple’s platform.

<h3>Is it possible to withdraw money from an online casino deposit using Apple Pay?</h3>

Generally, online casinos that accept Apple Pay as a deposit method also allow you to withdraw using Apple Pay. There are usually no fees associated with using Apple Pay.

<h3>How long does it take to make a casino deposit with Apple Pay?</h3>

Deposits at casinos with Apple Pay are usually immediate at the best casinos. The process usually takes just a few seconds and in a matter of a moment you can enjoy your deposited money in the best casino games.

<h3>Do I have to pay taxes when I use Apple Pay at a casino?</h3>

Each country may have its own laws regarding the fees that people must pay with respect to their monetary earnings. For using Apple Pay there are no taxes per se, so there is no need to worry about it.

<h3>Can I transfer money to my bank account using Apple Pay?</h3>

All Apple Pay accounts are usually linked to a debit card, which in turn is linked to a bank account. If you have withdrawn your casino balance to an Apple Pay account, you can define the bank account in the Apple system to which the money will be withdrawn.

<h3>Are there any fees for transactions at casinos using Apple Pay?</h3>

Using Apple Pay from Apple at the best casinos is usually free of fees, so there are no additional amounts to add to the transactions carried out through this method.

Expert opinion

Enjoying Apple Pay at online casinos is something that is usually available on the best platforms. It is one of the best payment systems currently supported on online platforms. It offers security, versatility and very fast processing times, allowing deposits and withdrawals to be made in just a few seconds.

Apple Pay is free of charge and commissions for all players with an iPhone or iPad device, as the app is integrated into these devices.

These users only need to add a card to their Apple Pay to be able to use this system on the best online gambling sites that accept this payment medium. It allows them to keep their information anonymous and secure against possible failures in the platforms or attackers who want to get hold of such personal information.

– an online casino and gambling expert.

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