Spanish online casinos with Mastercard

  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins

Mastercard is one of the most popular payment methods to make deposits and withdrawals in Spanish online casinos. It is a completely safe payment method, which gives many guarantees and is approved by the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), the entity in charge of regulating gambling in Spain.

Thanks to its usefulness and security, some casinos even offer bonuses to players who use this payment method to make deposits in their casinos, in order to promote payment with Mastercard in their platforms against other payment methods.

Top 10 casinos that accept Mastercard

Mastercard is one of the most used payment methods in the world, however, there are many casinos that do not accept their cards to make deposits or withdrawals. In the following table you can see which are the 10 best casinos that allow the use of Mastercard cards in their platforms.

CasinoLive gamesBettingAppFeatures
Bet on RedYesYesYes— average reimbursement limits;
— first class suppliers;
— 24-hour customer service.
JokabetYesYesNo— bonuses in live games;
— various payment methods;
— 24-hour live chat.
LeoVegasYesNoYes— great reputation;
— popular slot games;
— no withdrawal limits.
Nine CasinoYesYesNo— slot machines with millionaire prizes;
— interesting promotions;
— multiple currencies per account available.
5 GringosYesNoNo— translated into multiple languages;
— welcome bonus;
— top-tier providers.
SportazaYesYesYes— wide range of games and bets;
— great reputation.
Amun Ra CasinoYesYesNo— themed platform;
— welcome bonus;
— slots with millionaire prizes.
GratoganaYesNoYes— well-developed native APP;
— first class VIP program;
— highly sought-after payment methods.
Casino 777 YesYesYes— interesting promotions;
— unlimited withdrawals;
— very popular payment methods.
Bwin CasinoYesYesYes— high reputation;
— first class suppliers;
— extensive gaming and betting options.
  • Bet on Red logo casino
    Bet on Red
    9.9/ 10
    450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • Jokabet logo
    9.7/ 10
    450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • NINE CASINO logo
    Nine Casino
    9.1/ 10
    450€ + 250 Free Spins

Why Mastercard?

Mastercard is one of the largest financial services companies in the world, and is one of the most widely used card payment systems. 

Through its debit, credit, prepaid or gift cards, users can make deposits and withdrawals from online casinos in Spain.

Mastercard was born as a credit card brand by the Bank of California, although it quickly partnered with other banking institutions to expand its range of action to the whole country and, later, to become an international product.

Today the company has one of the most widely used payment networks in the world, and allows payments to be made in physical establishments and also through the Internet. As for online payments, it has several security methods, such as Mastercard SecureCode, among others.

Advantages and disadvantages of Mastercard

Being one of the most important payment networks in the world, and one of the preferred payment methods in online casinos in Spain, Mastercard has many advantages from which its users can benefit.

In spite of having many advantages, it is not a foolproof system, so you can also find some inconveniences when making payments or withdrawing money to a Mastercard.

  • Very popular method, available in many online casinos.
  • Multiple security systems.
  • Privacy can be preserved with prepaid cards.
  • Casino fees may apply.
  • Transactions may take several days to be processed.
  • Card information must be provided to the casino.
online casinos with Mastercard

Mastercard payment method security at casinos

Playing in an online casino is always easier when you have the certainty that the transactions are safe, both for deposits and withdrawals. Mastercard, as a payment network, has several security methods when making transactions.

Mastercard SecureCode is one of the company’s most popular security systems for electronic payments, which is applied when playing in online casinos. Mastercard Identity Check, a technology that requires the card owner to identify themselves, is also used.

These security systems prevent Mastercard cards from being stolen and used by third parties to make payments on the internet.

Two-factor authentication methods can also be found, validating the deposit in an online casino through the banking app, so that once the deposit is made in the casino it requires a second confirmation.

How to pay at online casinos with Mastercard

Mastercard is one of the preferred payment methods at online casinos in Spain due to its ease of use, along with its acceptance on most platforms. 

To make payments at casinos with Mastercard first requires having an account on the platform, and having validated the player’s identity at the casino by using a valid identity document. Once the account is verified, it is enough to follow this process:

  1. Login with username and password.
  2. Navigate to the player’s profile.
  3. Access the “Banking” or “Deposits” option.
  4. Select card as payment method.
  5. Indicate the amount to deposit.
  6. Enter the data of the Mastercard with which you want to make the payment.

You may be required to confirm payment through the bank’s application, or enter a code that is received via SMS on the device to which the Mastercard is linked.

How to withdraw money from an online casino to a Mastercard card

Playing in a casino with real money means trying to win money with the luck of chance. And once you win money you need to cash it out.

Withdrawing money from a casino to a Mastercard is as easy as depositing it using the same payment method. In order to withdraw money from the casino to any of the cards signed by Mastercard you have to follow this process:

  1. Login to the casino with username and password.
  2. Go to the player’s profile.
  3. Go to “Banking” or “Withdrawal”.
  4. Select card as withdrawal method.
  5. Indicate the amount to be withdrawn.
  6. Enter the Mastercard data or select the linked card to which you want to transfer the funds.

Generally, debit cards tend to process transactions quickly, although some casinos may take a relatively long time to process card payments.

bonuses from casinos for using Mastercard

Casino bonuses for using Mastercard

Some casinos promote the use of secure payment methods such as Mastercard, and they do so by offering bonuses to those who deposit with Mastercard.

Those who make Mastercard deposits can find themselves with different bonuses depending on what the platform offers to its users. Here are some of the most popular ones.

JokabetDepositGet up to an additional 1000 euros from the fourth deposit.— bonuses in live games;
— possibility to place bets.
LeoVegasWelcomeUp to 100% of the money of your first deposit.— good collection of games;
— great reputation.
Nine CasinoWelcome100% of your first deposit up to 150 euros.— personalized attention;
— progressive games.

Each site has its own promotions and conditions, as well as requirements if you want to withdraw the money you get and play through the promotions they offer, known as rollover. It is essential to check the rollover requirements before accepting any promotion.

In Spain, no bonuses can be offered to any player who has not completed his registration and verification on the platform for at least 30 days. This means that it is impossible to enjoy welcome bonuses in the country.

Types of Mastercard cards accepted at online casinos

As one of the largest payment networks and card providers in the world, Mastercard has multiple products for its users. Not all of these cards can be used at online casinos.

These are the Mastercard cards accepted at casinos:

  • Debit Mastercard.
  • Prepaid Mastercard.
  • Mastercard gift.

How to choose a casino with Mastercard

In order to recommend casinos with Mastercard we always take into account a series of parameters that are fundamental to guarantee a good experience for the players. 

We always make sure that it is a regulated casino, and that it has a license from the DGOJ if it is a Spanish casino or from a renowned regulatory body if it is a European online platform. The licenses guarantee the payment of prizes and the correct handling of the players’ personal information.

The promotions that are in force in the platform are compatible with Mastercard as a payment method.

It is also important to check that the online casino does not charge commissions when making deposits or withdrawals, or that these are minimal.

Mastercard at online casinos in Spain

Frequently asked questions about Mastercard at online casinos in Spain

<h3>Is it legal to use Mastercard in Spain to play in a casino?</h3>

Using Mastercard to play online is completely legal, especially when it is done on a platform licensed by the DGOJ.

<h3>Is it safe to use Mastercard to pay at online casinos?</h3>

Mastercard has several systems in place to ensure the security of deposits on these online platforms.

<h3>How long does it take to withdraw funds from a Mastercard deposit?</h3>

Some platforms may set certain processing periods. Withdrawals to a Mastercard are usually instantaneous.

<h3>Are all types of Mastercard accepted at casinos in Spain?</h3>

Not all Mastercard cards are compatible with these platforms. Debit, prepaid and gift Mastercards are the ones that can be used to make deposits, but only the debit card can be used to make withdrawals.

Expert’s personal opinion

Mastercard is one of the most widespread payment methods on online sites and a safe way to make deposits and withdrawals from gaming platforms. Going to a casino with Mastercard is a safe bet to keep transactions secure and enjoy a wide variety of unique promotions.

– an expert in online casinos and gambling

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