Popular payment methods for online casinos in Spain

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When choosing an online casino, it is important to consider the available payment methods. This determines the speed of funds crediting, convenience of transaction processing, and the presence or absence of commissions. The variety of payment methods differs from one online casino to another. At the same time, this allows us to identify the top payment methods in terms of reliability, benefits, and popularity. Let’s take a closer look at them below.

Making a deposit in an online casino

In this article, we will discuss the rules and ways of replenishing your account in online casinos in Spain. We will talk in more detail about popular deposit instruments, possible fees, and established limits. In addition, we will consider the difficulties and nuances of choosing a convenient option in a casino. To get started, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with reliable payment methods and their terms.

Payment optionType of instrumentAverage deposit timeAverage withdrawal timeTransaction fee 
VisaCredit or debit cardUp to 15 minutesUp to 2 business days2%
MasterCardCredit or debit cardUp to 15 minutesUp to 3 business days1.5%
PayPalElectronic walletUp to 10 minutesUp to 24 hours0%
SkrillElectronic walletUp to 10 minutesUp to 24 hours1%
NetellerElectronic walletUp to 10 minutesUp to 24 hours2.5%
PaySafeCardElectronic walletUp to 10 minutesUp to 3 business days0%
Bank transferBank transferUp to 30 minutesUp to 3 business days0%
deposit in online casino

The importance of a convenient payment method in online casinos

The instrument you choose determines not just the limits set for a transaction or the processing time. You should also take into account the convenience of funds processing. According to this criterion of analysis, the Visa or MasterCard bank card can be called the clear leader. This is not only a legal payment method in Spanish casinos but also a universal instrument: it is suitable for both depositing and withdrawing funds from your account.

When choosing a payment instrument, we additionally recommend that you pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Legality. Not all known payment instruments are supported in Spanish casinos. This can be clearly seen in the case of electronic wallets. For example, such wallets as WebMoney or Perfect Money are illegal under Spanish law and cannot be used to deposit or withdraw funds from your account. If a casino offers illegal payment methods, it cannot be considered reliable either. 
  • Withdrawal instruments. When choosing a payment method in a casino, you should consider its versatility. Since you can withdraw money from your account only with the method that was previously used for depositing, the list of available payment instruments is sharply reduced. If the instrument used to make a deposit is not supported for withdrawal at all, you will need to fill out the payment form again, but using the same payment method as when you made a deposit. 
  • Reliability. Regardless of the type of transaction (deposit or withdrawal) the security of money in a casino is always a priority. Visa or MasterCard can be called the clear leader in this aspect, as payments are additionally protected by SSL encryption. If you choose a cryptocurrency for replenishment of your casino account, you should be careful: a mistake at the stage of choosing a network or filling out a form will lead to the loss of funds without the possibility of their return.

It is equally important to take into account the rules of a particular online casino. First of all, it concerns the withdrawal of funds. There are several important nuances here:

  • Verification. In most online casinos in Spain, it is mandatory. If you fail to pass it, you will not be able to withdraw funds from your account. For verification, you need to send the casino administration your identity documents.
  • Versatility. The casino has a clear rule: you can withdraw funds only by the method that was previously used to deposit funds to your account. If you use a different method for withdrawal, the transaction will be automatically blocked when the transaction is processed.
  • Wagering your deposit. In some Spanish casinos, there is an additional rule for withdrawing money that requires wagering the deposit at least 2–3 times. To do this, you will need to wager the deposit amount in full in casino slot machines.

As you can see, certain rules apply to all types of transactions in casinos. You will need to follow them both when depositing and withdrawing funds from your account. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the terms of a particular casino before registering and starting to play for real money. 

Payment methods offered by online casinos in Spain

One of the parameters that can be used to distinguish casinos in Spain is the availability of payment tools. Each of the instruments has different conditions. This is represented in the following parameters: deposit limits, convenience of processing a transaction in the payment form, availability of deposit fees, and the speed of crediting funds. Let’s take a closer look at popular casino payment methods.

Visa or MasterCard bank card

This is a universal tool supported by all Spanish online casinos. When choosing to pay by card, you need to follow just 3 steps: specify the amount of funds to be deposited in the application, enter your card details, and confirm the operation. The advantage of this instrument is its speed: funds are credited to the casino balance within a few hours, and sometimes instantly. No additional commission is charged.

PayPal service

This tool is similar to a bank card in terms of the algorithm of filling out the payment form, but its advantage is that there are no fees for deposits and withdrawals. It is also chosen because of the high level of reliability: all PayPal users have to verify their personal data before creating an account. The only disadvantage of the service is that it takes a long time to process transactions: it needs up to 48 hours to process.

Skrill e-wallet

Skrill’s terms and conditions comply with the KYC security protocol, which makes it reliable for all transactions. The advantage of this tool in casinos is also convenience: to complete a transaction, you just need to log in to your wallet and specify the amount in the form. The commission depends on the chosen casino, but on average, it does not exceed 2%.

Neteller wallet

Neteller is a leader among the well-known e-wallets used for casino payments. There are several reasons for this: instant crediting of deposits, the possibility of making transactions from a mobile phone, and tracking the status of payments online. A significant disadvantage is the presence of a commission. It is charged both for replenishing the account and for making a payout.

PaySafeCard service

Another leading tool that is actively used for casino payments. Its advantages include the absence of commissions and convenient money processing: you just need to specify the details and confirm the transaction. The reliable service supports several foreign currencies, so you can pay in casinos not only in euros but also in dollars.


This option is sought-after because of its diversity: the casino supports more than 10 different cryptocurrencies. The advantage is also absolute anonymity. Subject to certain rules, the transaction remains completely confidential. At the same time, when depositing cryptocurrency in a casino, you should carefully check the correctness of the specified details.

Payment methods by online casinos

Typical difficulties with online casino payments

Regardless of the chosen instrument, certain difficulties on sites are hard to avoid. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to solve them as soon as possible and reduce the probability of their occurrence in the future to 0%. First of all, we are talking about the following typical difficulties when paying in well-known casinos:

  1. I have passed verification and my withdrawal is still unavailable. The reason for the delay may be the appearance of clarifications or the detection of inaccuracies between the previously provided personal data and the real ones. You should check the verification status and, if necessary, contact the casino support team for clarification. 
  2. I confirmed the transaction, but the money has not been credited. The indicated payment processing time often differs from the real one, as there may be delays on the part of the bank or service. If you still have not received your funds after a few days, we recommend that you contact customer support.
  3. I cannot change the account currency in my account. The availability of this option depends on the casino you choose as it is not supported on all gaming platforms. In some casinos, this is compensated by the ability to convert the currency to the desired one. 
  4. I cannot cancel the payment. If the transaction has already been confirmed and is being processed by the payment service, you will not be able to cancel it. You will only have to wait for the money to be credited and reload your account.
  5. I received only a part of my winnings. If the amount received, even after taking into account the commission, is less than what should have been credited according to the completed payment form, you should contact support. They will check the details of the transaction and, if necessary, create an additional payment.
  6. I applied for a withdrawal, but my bonuses have disappeared. This may be due to the fact that the bonuses have not been wagered. Many casinos in Spain have a rule: you must first wager the bonus 100% and only then apply for a withdrawal. Failure to do so will result in the loss of funds.
  7. How can I find out the status of my payment? It is displayed in your personal account. In a separate section with transaction history, you can check when the payment was made, by what method, for what amount, and what the current status is.

Best payment methods in online casinos

Online casinos offer a lot of different reliable options, so it can be challenging to choose the best one. To make your choice easier and simpler, you should take into account two important criteria: speed and reliability. Based on them, we can distinguish the following common payment methods in Spanish casinos:

  • Visa or MasterCard. This is a universal option for depositing or withdrawing funds that is supported by every legal casino in Spain. The advantages of paying with this tool include not only versatility but also a high level of reliability and instant crediting of casino deposits. Most users choose this instrument because of the convenience of processing transactions. 
  • PayPal. A widely used option due to its versatility: the service can be used both for depositing and withdrawing funds from your account. Most casinos do not charge a fee for transfers via PayPal, and the money is credited to the balance within 15–60 minutes. Another advantage is the ability to track the status of a transaction online.
  • Bizum. Although it is not the fastest option, it is a popular one with a high level of reliability. You can make a bank transfer at almost any online casino in Spain, and the advantage is that there are no fees for any type of transaction. Processing a bank transfer takes more time compared to other payment methods, but this is compensated by the fast crediting of funds. 
  • Skrill. A universal e-wallet that is used in casinos for all types of transactions. It is legal, offers low payment fees (up to 1%), and fast crediting of funds: up to 15 minutes for deposits and up to 24 hours for casino payouts.

Speaking of speed, we cannot but mention such a popular payment method as cryptocurrency. It is not supported by every online casino, but it allows you to make a deposit and withdraw funds from your account anonymously and with a minimum commission. Regardless of the type of transaction, it takes up to 20 minutes to credit funds, sometimes even less. This makes cryptocurrency one of the most popular payment methods in casinos.

Casinos with the widest selection of payment methods

Online casinoAvailable instrumentsTerms of deposit creditingTerms of processingFee for the deposit
LeoVegasPayPal; Skrill; MasterCard; Neteller; PaySafeCard.InstantlyUp to 24 hours0%
Nine CasinoSkrill; PayDo; Jeton; Apple Pay; Revolut.InstantlyUp to 24 hours0%
5 GringosMasterCard; Volt; MiFinity; Jeton; Bitcoin.InstantlyUp to 2 business days0%
SportazaVisa/MasterCard; Klarna; Volt; eZeeWallet; Cryptocurrency.InstantlyUp to 48 hours0%
Casino 777Bank transfer; Apple Pay; Bizum; Neteller; Skrill.InstantlyUp to 12 hours0%
PlayUZUApple Pay; PaySafeCard; Skrill; Visa and MasterCard; Bank transfer.InstantlyUp to 24 hours0%
Platin CasinoVisa and MasterCard; Klarna; Apple Pay; Bizum; Bank transfer.InstantlyUp to 24 hours0%
CasumoBank transfer; PaySafeCard; Skrill; Neteller; Klarna.InstantlyFrom 24 hours to 3 business days0%
LowenPlayKlarna; Visa or MasterCard; PaySafeCard; Skrill; PayPal.InstantlyUp to 24 hours0%
CodereAstroPay; Visa and MasterCard; Banktransfer; Neteller; PayPal.InstantlyFrom 24 hours to 3 business days0%
888 CasinoApple Pay; Klarna; Visa and MasterCard; Neteller; PayPal.InstantlyUp to 12 hours0%
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Frequently asked questions about casino payment methods in Spain

<h3>What is the most reliable payment method?</h3>

In terms of reliability, there are two leaders among the most popular casino payment methods: a Visa or MasterCard bank card and a bank transfer. These payment instruments are reliably protected on the side of the bank that processes the transaction.

<h3>Which payment method is the cheapest?</h3>

The clear leader in this evaluation criterion is a bank transfer. There are no fees for paying at online casinos using this method, and it is trustworthy and proven.

<h3>Are all online casino payment methods legal?</h3>

No, we can separately distinguish instruments that are prohibited for use in casinos in Spain. This category includes some e-wallets and payment services, such as WebMoney or PerfectMoney. In addition, not all platforms allow you to pay with cryptocurrency.

<h3>What is the fastest way to make a deposit in a casino in Spain?</h3>

For a quick casino deposit, a Visa or MasterCard bank card or Apple Pay and Google Pay services are ideal. In addition to the speed of crediting funds, the advantage lies in the convenience of processing the transaction.

<h3>Does the form of payment affect the availability of bonuses?</h3>

In most cases, this rule is not provided by any casino. However, exceptions are possible when paying with cryptocurrency. Therefore, you should first familiarize yourself with the terms of the promo offer in detail and only then fill out the payment form to make a deposit at the casino.

<h3>Are there any restrictions for online casino payments?</h3>

Yes, restrictions apply to both deposits and withdrawals. First of all, they are expressed in the form of minimum and maximum transaction amounts. Some online casinos additionally impose restrictions on the amount of payments per day, week, and month.

Expert opinion

Casinos in Spain are distinguished by a variety of payment methods: it can be not only the usual bank card, but also electronic wallets of various types, bank transfers and cryptocurrency. Each of the indicated payment instruments has a number of features — from the established limits to the speed of depositing funds and the level of reliability. This allows casino users to choose the payment method that 100% meets their own requirements and criteria.

– an expert on gambling and online casinos.

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