Best online casinos of Spain with live dealers in 2024

  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins

Playing online at a live casino in Spain is becoming more and more popular. The bulk of players prefer these options to traditional digital games and have compelling reasons to go to live online casinos:

  • casino games with live dealers;
  • usage of the latest technologies;
  • access from anywhere with a cell phone;
  • personalized attention;
  • unique casino game variants.

Top 10 casinos in Spain with live options

Below you can see which are the best casinos in Spain that offer live bets on the most popular online casino games.

CasinoProsConsLive games
Bet on Red– wide range of games;
– live sports betting is available.
Payment methods blocked in certain countries.– Roulette;
– Blackjack;
– Poker;
– Baccarat;
– Craps.
Jokabet– wide range of providers;
– live sports betting is available.
– especially focused on sports;
– it does not have welcome bonuses.
– Ruleta;
– Blackjack;
– Póker;
– Dados.
LeovegasSlot machines with progressive jackpot.Only available for Spanish casino players.Roulette
Nine Casino– wide range of suppliers;
– wide range of games; 
– multiple currencies available per account.
– player support in English;
– limited providers in certain countries.
– Roulette;
– Blackjack;
– Poker;
– Craps.
5Gringos– website available in multiple languages;
– wide range of suppliers.
– payment methods blocked in certain countries;
– welcome bonus is not available for Neteller deposits.
– Roulette;
– Blackjack;
– Poker;
– Bingo;
– Baccarat.
Sportaza– cryptocurrency deposits are available;
– live betting is available.
Player support in English.– Roulette;
– Blackjack;
– Poker;
– Baccarat;
– Craps.
Amun Ra Casino– multiple currencies are available;
– thematic design;
– 24/7 assistance in Spanish.
– it does not have responsible gaming tools;
– welcome bonus is not available for Neteller deposits.
– Roulette;
– Blackjack;
– Poker;
– Baccarat;
– Craps.
Gratogana– best reputation;
– complete VIP program;
– the player has control over the maximum withdrawal limit.
– available only for Spanish casino players;
– limited game catalog.
Casino 777– remarkable reputation;
– unlimited refunds.
– available only for Spanish casino players;
– player service with time restriction;
Bwin Casino– live betting is available;
– best reputation;
– wide range of available titles.
– available only for Spanish casino players.Roulette
  • Bet on Red logo casino
    Bet on Red
    9.9/ 10
    450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • Jokabet logo
    9.7/ 10
    450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • NINE CASINO logo
    Nine Casino
    9.1/ 10
    450€ + 250 Free Spins

How to choose a live streaming online casino

It is always important to choose an online casino with which you can be at ease and which offers everything the player may need. Our selection of the top casinos in Spain with live games is made with meticulous criteria, but each player is free to access the casino that most appeals to him.

When looking for an online casino to access this type of live casino games, it is imperative to look for a good attention to the player, and always go to online casinos that offer all the guarantees.

Always look for the license under which the online casino operates and the security seals that are guaranteed by complying with all the requirements that the law demands to online casinos in terms of impartiality and fair play.

The offer of games, a simple interface and promotions are also aspects that you can take into account when looking for a new casino in which to enjoy the most popular casino games.

Live casino: the expert’s choice

In order to enjoy the best possible experience with live casino games it is important to go to the right casinos. Through the links you can find here you can access online casinos that offer their players huge bonuses.

Selecting these casinos is not easy. I take into account many factors, among which are:

  1. User experience: interface appearance, simplicity of use and constant attention to the player in his native language.
  2. Game offer: variety of titles, both classic and eye-catching modes that enhance the experience.
  3. Payment methods: diversity of payment options available for both deposits and withdrawals.
  4. Security and reliability: licenses issued by official bodies and tools to ensure player security.
  5. Live gaming technology: effective implementation of the latest technologies in games.

Following these criteria I am able to select the best casinos with such games available at the moment. If one has caught your attention, follow the link to register and start enjoying all its features.

  • Bet on Red logo casino
    Bet on Red
    9.9/ 10
    450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • Jokabet logo
    9.7/ 10
    450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • NINE CASINO logo
    Nine Casino
    9.1/ 10
    450€ + 250 Free Spins

Which live online casinos to avoid

Not all online casinos are the same, and so are the live lobbies they offer. Although Spanish players have access to some of the best casinos, there are other online casinos that are best avoided.

There are some live casinos that make use of artificial intelligence technology to develop the image of the dealers, so these are not actual people making the moves at the table. This takes away all the human aspects that a live lobby can have.

Other casinos best avoided are those whose dealers have a bad reputation. Not only can online casinos have a bad rating, but those who run the games can also receive bad reviews. 

The opinions of the players, which can be seen as harsh especially on social networks, show how one of these online casinos operates and whether it is better to pass up the opportunity to sit at their tables.

Most popular online casino games with live dealers

  • Lightning Roulette
    Lightning Roulette
  • French Roulette
    French Roulette
  • American Roulette
    American Roulette

As I mentioned, there is a wide variety of live dealer games at online casinos that you can play. The world of gambling can be very complex and for this reason it is important to familiarize yourself with all aspects of the games, as well as how the live games themselves work. Among the game developers you can find well-known faces such as Evolution Gaming, Microgaming or Pragmatic Play.

Live dealer roulette

Playing online roulette with a live dealer is very similar to the gameplay in the virtual title or in the roulette that we find in any casino or game room. The big difference is that in its live variant you can play with dynamics typical of digital games, thus having many different variants that cannot be played any other way.

  • French roulette. Known as European roulette, it is the game in which it only has a 0.
  • American roulette. This variant offers an additional number, making it more difficult to guess where the ball will land.
  • Lightning roulette. It offers random multipliers when you spin the roulette so that you can get bigger prizes.

Blackjack in a live casino

In live blackjack you will come face to face with a dealer making all the moves. You will be able to enjoy the same excitement as playing in a physical casino. The dealer will be in charge of not only showing the cards, but also calling the bets and keeping you entertained.

It is possible to find various blackjack tables in a live online casino, some varying in their minimum or maximum bet, so that you can play regardless of how much money you want to put on the line. Some platforms offer bonuses to enjoy these rooms without using money.

Live dealer baccarat

Enjoy baccarat games like in your trusted room. Place your bets and seek to achieve the winning result in point and bank when playing at one of the game tables available from providers such as Pragmatic Play or Evolution Gaming, among other high-caliber developers of live dealer games.

Live casino poker

Poker in a live casino is a unique experience. In addition to having a live dealer, you will also play against other players at the same table, real players who can be quite a challenge to your skills in a poker game. 

The main poker variants available in live casinos are:

  • Texas Hold’em. The most demanded variant is currently with 2 cards for the players and 5 cards on the game table.
  • 7 Card Stud. Players are given 3 face cards and 4 face cards with which to make their best possible hand.
  • Omaha Hi/Lo. Players receive 4 hole cards that they must use together with the 5 common cards to make their combinations.
casino win now

Advantages of playing in Spanish live online casinos

Spain has one of the most prolific online gambling markets in the world. A large number of players flock to Spanish online casinos, even when they play from other parts of the world. They do so because of the many advantages online casinos in Spain have to offer.

  1. Variety: Spanish casinos have one of the most extensive game offers possible, with all kinds of live variants.
  2. Reliability: they are popular platforms with a proven reputation and easy to identify whether or not they are trustworthy casinos. 
  3. Payment availability: they offer a multitude of payment methods to their users so that they can make deposits and withdrawals in the way they prefer.
  4. Legality: all Spanish online casinos operate under licenses issued by a regulatory body and comply with strict rules to guarantee the security of their players.
  5. Technologies: Spanish online casinos have access to the latest technologies and implement them both in the games and in the platform to assist their players.
  6. Community: participating online in these casinos allows players to meet people and chat, moving away from the coldness of the machines.

Those who enjoy online gambling in casinos will find in this type of platform a very interesting alternative to the classic digital titles. Thanks to the participation against other real opponents, it is possible to put into practice different strategies and techniques when facing each other, strategies that cannot be considered against machines or random number generators.

They are the ideal place for those who are looking for poker tables, blackjack and other casino classics, but a bad option for those who only enjoy the slots that casinos make available.

Differences between real and virtual casinos

The popularity of live casino games, which simulate an experience closer to that of real casinos, shows that they are still a great virtual option for players.

There are many people who prefer to play in physical establishments, while the boom of virtual games shows that most of them opt for online casinos to enjoy the experience.

Real casino

  • Complete experience, being able to have direct contact with other players.
  • Rooms dedicated to certain face-to-face games and tournaments.
  • Additional experiences such as unique shows.
  • Amazing ease of withdrawing profits from the game.
  • Its entertainment offer is limited by the space available in the facility.
  • It is difficult to visit them frequently due to their location.
  • The RTP of casino games in a physical establishment is lower than in their online version.
  • Conditioned to opening hours and etiquette codes.

Virtual casino

  • Large offer of digital and games without any physical limitation.
  • Ease of use and versatility. You can play anywhere in the world.
  • Various bonuses and promotions are available for casino players.
  • Unique games that are only available in online casinos.
  • Some casinos may be blocked by geolocation.
  • There is a certain risk of accessing a fraudulent casino.
  • VIP programs in which a lot of participation is required to advance.
  • They are not exempt from technical problems.
live rooms in a virtual casino

How do live rooms work in a virtual casino?

Such online games offered by Spanish online casinos have a lot of work behind them. These rooms are broadcast from a studio, where everything is set up in order to provide the best possible gaming experience.

Each online casino game developer has its own studios to broadcast to the players of the different platforms to which they provide their services.

In order to participate in these rooms, players just have to follow a very simple route:

  1. Register at the casino of your choice.
  2. Make a deposit into your verified account.
  3. Access the game you want to enjoy.
  4. Make your moves.
  5. Participate according to the rules of the game and the dealer’s instructions.
  6. Claim the benefits of your winning hands.
  7. Withdraw funds using your preferred payment method.

By following these simple steps, any player can enjoy the live gaming experience.

When enjoying this experience it is important to pay attention to the indications on the screen or the sound, since when the dealer indicates a bet, bets must be placed. He will also give other indications during the game.

Advantages of playing with a dealer in an online casino

Accessing live casino features has many advantages over virtual games, where there is no real dealer making the moves in the game.

In addition to the incredible immersive experience it offers, being in a casino, a real dealer in the game can present many advantages.

  • The dealer energizes the game environment and makes it more enjoyable.
  • It offers an immersive experience where users can feel as if they were at a real table.
  • Most of the doubts about fairness are dispelled when watching the dealer’s moves.
  • You can use the bonuses offered by the platform in rooms with a dealer.
  • It allows you to keep better track of the game with constant information about the table.
  • Little variety of options on some platforms.
  • A fast and stable connection is needed to enjoy a good experience with a dealer.
  • Some dealers can make the games run slowly.
  • Pre-recorded sounds and effects may be used in studios, which makes the experience cooler.
  • Although there are set times to participate, due to player connectivity these times may be extended.

Frequently asked questions about playing casino games for real money in Spain

<h3>Is personal privacy maintained when playing online with a live dealer?</h3>

Despite having to verify their identity in order to participate in online casino games, players can make use of pseudonyms to preserve their privacy when enjoying these games.

<h3>Which is the best Spanish casino with broadcasting?</h3>

Bet on Red is the Spanish casino that offers its users the best features for live gaming. Both for the variety of games that can be enjoyed and for the different qualities found in Bet on Red, such as the multiple currencies or the personalized support 24 hours a day.

<h3>Is a live casino suitable for beginners?</h3>

Those who have no knowledge of the rules or strategies of the games will prefer to practice on demo and virtual versions before taking the step to the live lobby that uses real money to make their moves.

<h3>Are the rules of the game different in a live casino?</h3>

The rules used in live dealer online casinos are identical to those of the virtual versions. As in the latter, the live options also have alternative versions to the traditional rules, so it is important to know the game in which you are participating.

<h3>Do the bets in live casino rooms differ from those of a normal virtual game?</h3>

The way of betting in the live lobby is identical to the way moves are made in a digital game. It may affect decision making to use real money instead of digital currencies.

<h3>What are the advantages of playing live in an online casino?</h3>

Players can interact at the table with their opponents and the dealer. An immersive environment is created and you face real people instead of machines that are in charge of making the moves.

<h3>Can I launch demo games in the live room?</h3>

No. The live lobby is for real money bets only, so demo versions are not available in this live lobby casino mode.

<h3>Can I launch live casino games on my cell phone?</h3>

Almost all casinos allow access to their functions through cell phones. You will be able to enter such a casino through the mobile browser or through the app in case the casino has one.

Expert opinion

The main online casinos offer all their players live rooms in which they can access an immersive experience.

These online casinos can offer a wide variety of live casino games. Only the most popular games can be played so. Therefore blackjack, poker and roulette have the largest presence. Of all the games you can find variants that give them more excitement.

Playing these titles with a real dealer is a great option both to access a more stimulating experience and to put the players’ skills into play. It will depend on your identity whether this is the ideal option for you, or whether you should stick to digital casino titles.

, a gambling expert.

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