Casino with Mercado Pago payment method

  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins

Mercado Pago is one of the most popular Latin American payment gateways. This system was born in Argentina as a form of payment for those who traded on Mercado Libre, a well-known Argentine online platform, which little by little spread throughout the South American continent until it was recognized internationally as an electronic and commercial marvel.

Through Mercado Pago, customers were charged and payments were issued to merchants on the digital platform. As Mercado Pago developed, it became independent from Mercado Libre, so it can offer its system in other sectors and in several countries, such as Chile, Mexico or Brazil mainly.

Nowadays, Mercado Pago can be used as an independent payment network, and many services and platforms in Latin America make it available to their users to make payments. 

A clear example of independence is its adoption by some online casinos, allowing their users to make deposits or withdrawals through Mercado Pago. Thanks to this popularity, today it is possible to play in many online casinos without providing personal information other than the account used to deposit money in the desired casino.

Mercado Pago payment method in Spanish casinos

This platform is popular in Latin America and is used in many countries. The system allows you to deposit money in almost any online casino in Argentina. However, in Spain there are not many places that accept Mercado Pago.

Mercado Pago does not carry out operations in the old continent, so it is not an option that casinos in Spain consider.

Spanish online casinos opt for other international or national systems, they accept Skrill, Neteller and even Bizum to handle deposits or withdrawals for those who participate in the games.

Until the Mercado Pago situation changes, only Latin American online casinos will offer this payment network on their platforms. Up to then, the aforementioned alternatives will be used in casinos.

Choose a casino of your choice and use another available payment method.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Mercado Pago in online casinos

Although in Spain Mercado Pago is not accepted as a deposit or withdrawal method in the main online casino games, it is a system that has many advantages, and it is not excluded that in the future it could become global.

  • Immediate casino deposits and withdrawals.
  • They do not charge commissions for casino transactions.
  • Allows paying in the casino with different funds: from the associated bank or the Mercado Pago balance.
  • It has multiple security measures that protect the information in casinos.
  • Charges a commission for replenishing your account.
  • Few online casinos currently accept Mercado Pago.
  • Cash can be withdrawn but at a certain cost.
  • There is a high fee for using credit cards.
Mercado Pago in online casinos

Registration in Mercado Pago

In order to make use of the Mercado Pago system available to users, and to be able to use it in any online casino, it is necessary to register. 

The registration process in Mercado Pago is simple, and it is not different from the one you can find to create an account in any other online platform or casino.

  1. Download the Mercado Pago application or access the web 
  2. Click on the “Open a free account” button.
  3. Add all the information requested by Mercado Pago (email, phone number and ID).
  4. Choose the access data to use Mercado Pago.

It is possible that some Mercado Pago functions are limited for newly registered users until the document used to create the account is verified, so you will have to wait to enjoy casino games with real money in any casino.

You can only have one Mercado Pago account per person, so your identity document is used to verify that no other person is allowed to open a Mercado Pago account in your name and make deposits in any casino.

These restrictions are in place to maintain the overall security of the platform by the community, making sure that the terms are not breached to reduce costs and improve the infrastructure by providing good performance to users.

Commissions for using Mercado Pago in a casino

Mercado Pago has gained great popularity mainly because it does not charge commissions. Thus, when you play at an online casino, either virtual casino games or slot machine games, you can withdraw your money without any fees being charged.

Some casinos may make use of intermediaries to apply Mercado Pago on their sites, so it is possible that some casinos do charge a small commission for the use of the Mercado Pago system. It is something that is essential to check before starting to play in the online casino or before depositing real money in the casino.

How to pay at online casinos through Mercado Pago

All online casinos that allow you to play at them with deposits through Mercado Pago usually have a simple procedure for paying at the casino using this deposit method.

If you want to play in an online casino and make your deposits through Mercado Pago, you must:

  • Log in with your username and password in the casino.
  • Go to the casino profile or to the “Banking” section.
  • Click on “Deposits”.
  • Select Mercado Pago as the payment method to make the deposit.
  • Indicate the amount to deposit.

Once you have typed in the amount you want to deposit in the online casino, a new tab will open in order to log in to Mercado Pago or confirm the transaction with the virtual casino using the desired account.

Use of Mercado Pago on mobile

One of the main ways to use Mercado Pago, either to make deposits in online casinos and enjoy their games, or to make payments in general, is to do it through a mobile device.

In order to enjoy Mercado Pago on a mobile device and at casinos, it is necessary to get the official application that allows you to make use of all its functionalities.

  • Download the APP from the official store.
  • Log in using your user data.
  • Verify your identity if you have enabled two-factor authentication.
  • Link a bank account to your Mercado Pago account.
  • Top up money in your wallet if you have no funds.

This way you can make use of the Mercado Pago application to make your deposits in online casinos or to withdraw real money from them when you play slots or other casino games.

Security of casino payments when using Mercado Pago

All payments made at online casinos using Mercado Pago are subject to multiple security measures. Mercado Pago is in charge of encrypting its users’ information so that it cannot be accessed by third parties. The same is done by the casino, making sure that the connection cannot be deciphered by other people outside the casino.

The online casinos that accept Mercado Pago also have other security systems that accept keeping the casino users’ funds safe, as well as requiring confirmation when making withdrawals or deposits in the online casino.

How to choose a casino with Mercado Pago?

Although in Spain there are no online casinos that accept Mercado Pago as a payment method, it is important to always consider the criteria we follow in order to choose a casino where we can play our favorite games with total security.

We must prioritize playing in online casinos that have licenses issued by official entities, in the case of Spanish virtual casinos, issued by DGOJ. It is also essential to make sure that the casino has multiple security measures to protect the players’ information as well as the money they deposit in the casino.

The offer of casino games and virtual slot machines is also a factor to take into account when choosing a casino with Mercado Pago, as well as if they accept players from different areas of the world or if they have a live casino section.

Mercado Pago as a payment method in online casinos

Frequently asked questions about the Mercado Pago payment system

<h3>Is it legal to use Mercado Pago in Spain for casino games?</h3>

Currently there are no online casinos in Spain that accept Mercado Pago for real money deposits or withdrawals. Using Mercado Pago is not illegal, but it is not widespread in the country or in the casinos.

<h3>Is it safe to use Mercado Pago to pay at online casinos?</h3>

Slot games at casinos that accept Mercado Pago have multiple functionalities to keep your money safe, as well as the payment method has several tools to keep your transactions completely secure.

<h3>Can I withdraw money from a casino deposit using Mercado Pago?</h3>

Many online casinos that accept Mercado Pago as a deposit method also allow you to withdraw money through Mercado Pago, but it is important to confirm that this possibility exists at the casino.

<h3>In which countries does Mercado Pago work?</h3>

Currently the countries that accept the use of Mercado Pago are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay, both for real money games and for other uses.

<h3>What are the alternatives to Mercado Pago available at casinos in Spain?</h3>

Online casinos in Spain that do not support Mercado Pago do accept alternatives such as Neteller, Skrill, Bizum and PayPal — all popular options that are widely used in casinos to enjoy games.

Expert opinion

Spain does not have online casinos that accept Mercado Pago to make deposits and enjoy their slots, although it is a tool with plenty of benefits. It is especially used in Latin America, and some South American casinos offer the possibility of using Mercado Pago to enjoy their games.

Those who plan to enjoy the games of these casinos with Mercado Pago should listen to the recommendations to choose virtual casinos, being able to find casinos that comply with all the rules and provide security to the players.

– an online casinos and gambling expert.

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