WhatsApp for playing in online casinos

  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins

Thanks to the advancement of technology, online casinos were born. Since the pandemic, a new phenomenon has taken place: casinos on WhatsApp. Thousands of people use the app’s chats to play roulette or cards and place their bets from the comfort of their home.

IMPORTANT! We do not recommend playing through groups on WhatsApp due to lack of licensing and regulation. Instead, we suggest you choose legal and regulated online casinos from the following list.

Groups in the WhatsApp app to play in online casinos

Currently the vast majority of WhatsApp chats are Argentine. Even so, players from anywhere in the world can participate depending on the payment methods accepted by the chat (or cashier).

Other chats also accept international players and allow betting on platforms from various locations around the world. It is simply necessary to match the payment method with which to make deposits on online platforms.

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Principles of gaming in online casinos via WhatsApp

Accessing games through WhatsApp saves a lot of time in terms of registering on platforms, selecting games, or more.

To enjoy the game through the messenger, players must:

  • Access a casino gaming group.
  • Contact a cashier.
  • Make a deposit.
  • Select the game.
  • Play and withdraw winnings.

The exact steps and payment methods can be viewed directly within the chat, or by speaking to the cashier via direct messages or mentions in the corresponding chats.

Who are the WhatsApp cashiers when playing in online casinos?

The cashiers act as intermediaries between the casinos and the players who bet through WhatsApp chats. These cashiers receive money from players and convert it into chips. They provide users with access data and a link to the platform to play. They also help with withdrawals.

The cashiers increased their number incredibly with the outbreak of Covid-19 and quarantine, especially because of the limitations.

WhatsApp app to play in online casinos

Questions about WhatsApp in casinos

<h3>In which casinos can I play on WhatsApp?</h3>

The platforms on which you can play depend on the chats found in them. Generally each chat is limited to a specific platform, so it is played only on it. You can belong to several chats simultaneously to play on different platforms.

<h3>Is it legal to play casino games on WhatsApp in Spain?</h3>

It is possible, there is no specific legislation on gambling through WhatsApp chats on regulated platforms. The responsibility lies with the player.

<h3>Is it safe to use WhatsApp to play in a casino?</h3>

There is no type of regulation on gambling on the platform, nor security measures for players. The responsibility lies with the player.

<h3>How do I make a deposit when I play at a casino on WhatsApp?</h3>

You must contact the cashier to be able to make a deposit on the platform and play. It will indicate the payment method used to top up and may sometimes offer bonuses for the first deposit you make.

<h3>What games can you play on WhatsApp in a casino?</h3>

Many of the games of chance are available to those who access through WhatsApp. They can enjoy slot machines, table games, card games like poker and blackjack, and even sports betting.

<h3>Are all WhatsApp groups for casino games equally reliable?</h3>

Some chats have built a reputation over time. Not all of them have the same reputation or offer the same security to their participants.

<h3>How to check the reliability of a WhatsApp group to play in a casino?</h3>

The only way to check how reliable one of the chats is is through the experience of other players. As a general rule, players usually come to these chats referred by other members or friends, who confirm the reliability and security of these platforms to new members.

Personal opinion of the expert

This new way of enjoying games of chance through WhatsApp is innovative and interesting. It can be very practical for a large part of the players, especially Latinos. However, it is important to be careful with the chats you access, as there are no security measures or records on the reliability of the chats.

Disclaimer: we do not recommend playing through groups on WhatsApp due to the lack of regulation and security measures. Play on these platforms at your own risk.

– an online casino and gambling expert.

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