The best slots to win money in Spain 2024

  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins
  • 450€ + 250 Free Spins

Are you a high baller? Do you want to get the biggest prizes? Then you must look for the games that offer you the biggest prizes. Some of the best slots in Spain offer juicy jackpots. But don’t forget that these titles carry a risk, and it’s not the way to get a paycheck. What comes fast can go fast.

Top 10 best slots to win real money 

3 Lucky Hippos – The best slot in Spain

RTP: 96%Minimum bet: 0.2€
Volatility: HighMaximum bet: 50€
3 Lucky Hippos best slot in Spain
Play 3 Lucky Hippos

Developed by the popular provider Pragmatic Play, well known in Spain for its various titles, 3 Lucky Hippos will make you join three lucky hippos in an adventure full of fruits and prizes, with eye-catching graphics.

This best slot has 5 reels and 3 rows, offering 20 pay lines, in which you can get many successful combinations and eye-catching prizes. Its interface is intuitive and colorful, with cartoonish graphics that attract the players’ attention when they enjoy the best slot. Free spins, increasing multipliers, and various wilds and bonuses are available to get nice cash.

Casinos with 3 Lucky Hippos:

  1. LeoVegas;
  2. Gratogana;
  3. Casino777.

Gold Blitz Extreme – Classic explosive slot

RTP: 96%Minimum bet: 0.2€
Volatility: HighMaximum bet: 50€
Gold Blitz Extreme classic slot
Play Gold Blitz Extreme

Do you like mining the best slots? Blow up the mine with TNT and get all the gold you can in the Gold Blitz Extreme slot from the developer Red Tiger Gaming. A classic game that offers instant cash.

There are 40 pay lines on its 5 reels and 4 rows, with an industry average return to player and high volatility. Its classic look matches the symbols we find in the game, and it has interesting features such as free spins with expandable reels and multipliers everywhere to get profit.

Casinos with Gold Blitz Extreme:

  1. LeoVegas;
  2. PAF;
  3. Kirolbet.

Treasure Ireland – Excellent option to win money

RTP: 96.1%Minimum bet: 0.1€
Volatility: HighMaximum bet: 40€
Treasure Ireland slot to win money
Play Treasure Ireland

Travel to Green Ireland in search of great treasures hidden among the shamrocks and under the watchful eye of the leprechauns. A slot where calling luck can make you obtain very juicy prizes.

Its interface has charming Irish-themed graphics and distribution of 5 reels and 3 rows, offering 20 different pay lines with which to get juicy prizes in the slot for real money.

Northern Lights Gaming has launched one of the best slot games on the market. It is by far one of the most popular slots in the house and one of the games they have created.

Casinos with Treasure Ireland to win cash:

  1. Casino777;
  2. Yaass Casino;
  3. PAF.

Money Train 2 – The best slot machine from Relax Gaming

RTP: 96.4%Minimum bet: 0.1€
Volatility: HighMaximum bet: 20€
Money Train 2 best slot machine
Play Money Train 2

Travel back in time and jump on the most popular online slots train in Money Train 2, a game developed by Relax Gaming, which has been very popular in the country. This title is loaded with bandits and big loot. The whole plot of the slot is centered on the train, where we will find multiple symbols with the bandits that assault it in the slot, being the ones that offer the most cash.

It has a very interesting look, with cartoon aesthetics and an interface of 5 reels and 4 rows. It offers 40 pay lines, free spins with multipliers, and bonus rounds with respins.

Casinos with Money Train 2:

  1. MyStake;
  2. Bwin Casino;
  3. LeoVegas.

Bill & Coin – Classic slots continue to see the light of day

RTP: 96.1%Minimum bet: 0.1€
Volatility: HighMaximum bet: 100€
Bill & Coin classic slot real money
Play Bill & Coin

Relax Gaming was also in charge of creating another of the best slots. It achieved wide popularity in Spain, especially for its classic slot aspect, although with a slightly modern touch. You will find the classic figures of the best slot machines, with fruits, bells, and diamonds, but with graphics that only the last-generation slots offer.

In Bill & Coin, you can enjoy the most traditional aspect of the best slots, with only 3 reels and rows, offering 5 pay lines, and an incredibly simple design based on spinning the reels. As an additional feature, it offers free spins and wilds that allow players of this slot to achieve higher success and get profit.

Casinos with Bill & Coin:

  1. PokerStars;
  2. LeoVegas;
  3. BC.Game.

The Great Pigsby Megaways – The Richest Pig in the World

RTP: 96.08%Minimum bet: 0.1€
Volatility: HighMaximum bet: 50€
The Great Pigsby Megaways casino slot
Play Great Pigsby

If you like extravagance, luxury, and, above all, pigs, then this Relax Gaming collaboration with Megaways is one of the best slots for you to win money. The Great Pigsby Megaways is a slot inspired by the story of the Great Gatsby. It features a filthy rich pig that you will accompany to make a fortune equal to his.

Thanks to the Megaways system, this slot with 6 reels and up to 7 rows can offer no less than 117,649 different pay lines, so you have incredible chances of getting successful spins and spectacular combinations! 

The look of this game is based on high society and is also replete with luxuries and well-accomplished animation. But the expanding wild spins, bonus rounds, and increasing multipliers the slot offers are even more impressive than its animations.

Casinos with The Great Pigsby Megaways:

  1. BC.Game;
  2. Bwin Casino;
  3. Casino 777.

Pandastic Adventure – Cute panda bears and nifty prizes

RTP: 96.13%Minimum bet: 0.25€
Volatility: HighMaximum bet: 100€
Pandastic Adventure high volatility slot
Play Pandastic Adventure

Fantastic Adventure is precisely what its name suggests: enjoying a heartwarming experience in an adventure with adorable pandas in search of great treasures, which can be converted into real money in a well-thought-out cash slot. 

This slot was developed by the popular Microgaming studio, known in multiple casinos in Spain for its creations. It offers colorful, cartoonish graphics of adorable pandas and other classic slot figures.

It offers 243 pay lines on its 5 reels and 3 rows, which can be activated with free spins, multiple bonus symbols, stacked wilds, and multipliers. This allows players to get big prizes in this slot machine.

Casinos with Pandastic Adventure:

  1. LeoVegas;
  2. BC.Game;
  3. Amun Ra Casino.

Joker Loko’s Multiplier Trail – Incredible prizes with the funniest buffoon

RTP: 96.25%Minimum bet: 0.2€
Volatility: HighMaximum bet: 25€
Joker Loko's Multiplier Trail real money game
Play Joker Loko’s

The Jokers continue to offer incredibly entertaining shows, but Joker Loko also offers explosive multipliers to get large amounts of cash in its slot machine. Red Rake Gaming has developed one of the most popular slots for those looking for games with big monetary cash.

Joker Loko’s Multiplier Trail is a slot with a vibrant and comical design. Its interface features 5 reels and 3 rows of various symbols. With 20 pay lines, this slot offers enough combinations so that getting a successful spin isn’t too complicated.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this game is found in its multipliers, which increase with each of the spins that are given in the game, as well as the bonuses and prize selection rounds, which can be found.

Casinos with Joker Loko’s Multiplier Trail:

  1. Slots Palace;
  2. Playjango;
  3. BC.Game.

Sweet Bonanza – Sweet adventures that pay cash

RTP: 96.51%Minimum bet: 0.2€
Volatility: HighMaximum bet: 125€
Sweet Bonanza slot that pay cash
Play Sweet Bonanza

If you like Candy Crush-style games, you will love Sweet Bonanza, a game with a great dynamic for getting big prize! This slot created by Pragmatic Play allows you to chain many different successful combinations, which allows you to get large amounts of real cash with a single spin.

Sweet Bonanza is full of sweets, with candies of all kinds and figures that make the candies explode to increase the chances of success. Thanks to the Tumble system, this slot offers up to 20.000 pay lines on its 6 reels and 5 rows, on which various symbols can be found.

Despite its different dynamics from most slot machines, it also has free spins, bonus symbols, and the possibility of buying a bonus round in search of bigger prizes for real money slots.

Casinos with Sweet Bonanza:

  1. Slots Palace;
  2. 5Gringos;
  3. Amun Ra Casino.

2 Wild 2 Die – Head to Head in the Wild West

RTP: 96.25%Minimum bet: 0.2€
Volatility: HighMaximum bet: 100€
2 Wild 2 Die casino game
Play 2 Wild 2 Die

Immerse yourself in the Wild West to participate in an epic duel between gunfighters in 2 Wild 2 Die, one of the most popular slots in Spain. Play’n GO, the popular slot developer, created it.

Slot machine 2 Wild 2 Die has a classic design like the cash slots of all times, with a theme centered on the Wild West, well achieved. Despite being simple, the animations and graphics of this slot have great quality and offer an interesting experience, especially in the shooting duels. All in a 5×3 layout, which offers 25 pay lines and free spins with expanding wilds, which top off a well-designed title, where you can get real cash slots.

Casinos with 2 Wild 2 Die:

  1. LeoVegas;
  2. PAF;
  3. Betsson.

The slot machines with excellent real money 

Are you looking for the biggest prizes in slots? The slots have a high rate RTP and fixed or progressive perfect jackpots.

Slots with progressive jackpots give users the opportunity to obtain more real money, and the jackpots they get can be over a million euros, although getting this jackpot is incredibly difficult.

Some examples of slots that have these features and can be played in Spain are:

  • Night Sky
  • Halloween Fortune
  • Thunder Bar
  • Wild Veggie Pirates
  • Big Bass Hold and Spinner Megaways

Strategies for getting real cash when playing slots

Depending on the type of slots you are going to play, you may find yourself with different strategies. Although slots are mainly based on chance, some strategies can be implemented to increase the chances of success, which is very popular in Spain, to get big cash in the best slots.

Strategies for progressive jackpot slot machines

Slot machines with progressive jackpots are not very popular in Spain. There are a reduced number of slots that allow players to obtain big prizes in online casinos in Spain. Because of this, the strategies that have been developed and put into practice are valid for many of the existing slots in the country.

  • Play knowing the rules: Some slots require certain bets or conditions to be fulfilled to be eligible for the progressive jackpot.
  • Bet in machines with high accumulated jackpots: if you want to get the biggest prizes, play in those slots with a higher accumulated jackpot. The difficulty will be the same, but the price will be higher.
  • Take advantage of small bets: they offer fewer chances to get the jackpot, but they will allow you to accumulate funds to get more attempts to aim for that progressive jackpot you want to get so much.
  • Play in tournaments: some tournaments allow you to get the progressive jackpot without making big bets because these events have special playing conditions.

Fixed jackpot slot strategies for living money

Playing for fixed jackpots has been the dynamic in the slots in Spain for years. Slots with living money have fixed top prizes, which do not vary and are just as interesting as progressive jackpots.

There are also various strategies to increase the chances of getting big prizes in these slots:

  • Play slots with high RTP. The RTP is indirectly responsible for the real money you get and, therefore, your probability of getting the slot jackpot.
  • Manage your bankroll: Setting a budget when playing slots and sticking to it are the main strategies to follow to have a chance to get a slot jackpot.
  • Take advantage of slot bonuses: free spins rounds, multipliers, and wilds can be very useful in slots, and they can help you qualify for the jackpot of some cash slot machines.
  • Be patient: Even when slot game jackpots are fixed, receiving them in the first games is difficult. Patience and constancy are necessary to get the biggest jackpots.

These strategies, although basic, can increase the chances of receiving the maximum real money offered by slots with jackpots, both those with fixed and progressive prizes.

How to select slots for living money

To choose the slots with real money available in Spain, our experts use a series of parameters to determine whether winning big prizes in slots is possible.

  1. RTP: a high RTP offers a greater possibility of receiving prizes when playing slots, with a higher average return to the players.
  2. Volatility: Slots with lower volatility offer more hits, although each has a smaller prize.
  3. Maximum prize: All slots have a maximum prize, so it is important to consider this value together with the variance to determine whether the slot offers a decent payout.
  4. Playability: The best slot allows you to get prizes while offering fun and is easy to understand.

Remember that although obtaining big prizes in the best slot machines in Spain is possible, these are not guaranteed successful. Chance is the main asset of these games, so a large part of the game is based on luck in the cash slots.

Independent selection of the slot machines 

Do you want to look for a cash slot machine for living money on your own? Whether you are looking for a different type of game or a different experience than the best slots to get prize, we can help you select the right game for real money slots.

These recommendations will help you find a slot that offers an interesting payout:

  • Special features: test the slot offers respins, free spins, wilds, or bonus rounds, which increase the probability of getting or the real money offered.
  • Paylines: Many paylines can increase your chances of receiving but also raise the stakes.
  • Minimum and maximum bet: Consider the slot’s betting values if you are a player who bets the minimum possible or a high roller who seeks to bet the more, the better to hit a massive successful.
  • Theme: Look for a game that suits your style of play and that you find attractive and interesting. This way, you will not get bored playing its cash slots.

Apart from these aspects, it is also important to consider the volatility and RTP values of the slots in order not to fail when selecting the possible slot to get excellent living money.

With these aspects in mind, you are ready to make your selections with the best slots available probably in the main online casinos in Spain. Be sure to pay attention to having fun at the casino licensed in Spain, issued by the DGOJ, which offers all the guarantees, both in the payment of prizes and in the security of its users and the funds they put on their platforms. Just try to receive your first big real cash slots.

Frequently asked questions about real cash games

<h3>What is the slot for real money?</h3>

Starburst XXXtreme is the game with the maximum success available if you want the slots to get cash.

<h3>Does a higher RTP guarantee a higher profit?</h3>

The RTP is a value that shows the average bet the player gets back when enjoying a slot. A high RTP value alone does not guarantee that the prize obtained will be higher than in other real cash slots.

<h3>How much can you win in the best online casino slots?</h3>

The highest prize offered by slots in Spain is 200,000 times the bet placed on the slot machine.

Experts’ conclusions

Spain has a best tradition with slot machines, and their users favor slots both for fun and trying to get the biggest prizes they can offer in the best money slots.

There are many different best slots in online casinos; however, the ones we mention here are the best slots for real money.

Having studied all the aspects that make up the games, they have been carefully selected to offer a list of the best real cash games available, which offer great prizes to their users in the best cash slots. Their RTP, volatility, and experience are considered to show you games that pay and allow you to enjoy excellent gaming sessions at the casino.

, expert in betting and online casino games.

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