Santa Fe Mix slot machines in casinos

9.6/ 10
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Game Info
  • Name Santa Fe Mix
  • Software MGA
  • Reels / Rows 3 / 3
  • Paylines 1
  • RTP 95%
  • Wilds
  • Free Spins
  • Progressive
  • Mobile
  • Modern, high-quality graphics.
  • Multiple mini-games available.
  • Advances, wildcards and multipliers.
  • Demo is available.
  • A single payment line.
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Santa Fe Mix slot machine

The Santa Fe Mix slot, one of the most popular slot machines in land-based machines in Spain, makes the leap to the digital world thanks to MGA Games. Grupo Recreativos Franco joined forces with one of the largest developers in the sector in Spain to bring this historic slot machine to the virtual world.

At Santa Fe Mix we are in one of the most mythical mines, recognized in casinos in Spain and the entire world. Accompanied by the miner at all times, we find multiple classic slot symbols with diamonds, fruits and bells.

It has multiple additional figures and mini-games, where you also see symbols such as dynamite, pickaxes, gold, horseshoes, mining carts and more.

The minimum bet is 0.20 euros and the maximum per spin on the Santa Fe Mix slot is 15 euros.

Below we show you what the payments are like in the Santa Fe Mix slot, which maintains all the charm that could be seen in casinos:

  • Diamonds: x2;
  • Plums: x4;
  • Grapes: x8;
  • Oranges: x12;
  • Lemons: x16;
  • Bells: x20;
  • Green diamonds: x40;
  • Red diamonds: x100;
  • Blue diamonds: x500.
Santa Fe Mix slot machine

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Principles of the game

Being one of the most popular physical slots in casinos, the Santa Fe Mix slot could not disappoint in its virtual version. This slot has very similar principles to those of the traditional slot machine.

The virtual version of the slot has multiple buttons, like the original casino version, with payments, advances, accumulations and spins. Press each of the Santa Fe Mix buttons to carry out the actions.

Line up symbols in the center row to get prizes, unlock bonuses or access the various mini-games that the slot has. Within the mini-games there are also buttons and different actions must be performed to obtain prizes or multipliers from the slot.

Features of the Santa Fe Mix game in online casinos

Playing slots at an online casino is not much different than playing on a physical machine, although there are some key differences.

  • The top area of the slot has 5 paylines.
  • Some slot symbols change, such as the BAR symbol.
  • The setting is more successful in the virtual slot.
  • There are more mini-games in the digital Santa Fe Mix slot.

These are the main differences between the physical slot and the digital version of Santa Fe developed by MGA.

Santa Fe Mix free demo game

In addition to being able to enjoy the slot in multiple physical casinos in Spain and online, playing for real money, you can also access all the functions of the Santa Fe slot through the demo version.

The demo of this slot allows you to enjoy all the mini-games and bonus rounds that the full version of the slot has. A great way to play the slot and learn how it works in the demo before you start playing for real money.

In both the demo and the full version, you must follow the same principles to advance and get rewards.

Santa Fe Mix demo free

Santa Fe Mix slot on mobile

The MGA Santa Fe slot can be played on any mobile device with internet access thanks to online casino applications and the adaptability of the platforms to these devices.

Playing the Santa Fe slot on your mobile is just as simple as on a computer, and you can find the same buttons and functions in both versions. Thus, the slot adapts completely to the device’s screen, offering a great experience when accessing all the functions it has to offer players.

Santa Fe Mix game bonuses

The slot has several different bonuses that can help you get bigger prizes or access additional screens to enjoy stronger emotions.

The slot’s bonus symbol is the dynamite, and you can get up to a maximum of 150 bonuses per spin depending on the bet made in the slot.

Top gameObtaining bonuses allows you to access the upper area of the slot with more pay lines and higher values.
Sub-bonusesThe low value symbols next to the bonus allow you to access the Bonus Uploader function, achieving a greater prize than the one initially obtained.
Doubles or bonusesThose prizes obtained in the upper zone are subject to “Double or bonuses”, being able to double your winnings or award the equivalent value in bonuses in the slot.
Santa Fe Mix slot bonuses

Mini-games in the slot

The slot has four mini-games that can be accessed by lining up the corresponding figures in the upper game or randomly at any time by pulling the reels and achieving a winning combination.

These are the soul of this machine, being the screens where you can get the most money, where the maximum prize is found and the excitement abounds.

Wagon mini-game

Aligning three “Mini-game Access” symbols allows you to enter the mine where three columns of minecarts are seen on the slot screen. Pull the levers to reveal how many minecarts will open on the screen (1 to 4). At the end, the prizes from all the open cars in the slot will be added up.

Santa Fe Bank mini-game

Access by getting three peak figures in the slot. Choose one of the keychains on the screen. After selecting the keychain, the safes that can be opened will light up. When it ends, all the prizes from the safes opened in the slot will be added, and those prizes from the safes that have not been opened will be discarded.

Gold Rush mini-game

Obtain three gold nuggets on any payline to enter “The Gold Rush”. You will see the miner offer you a prize that you can collect and return to the main screen or play and try your luck for a bigger prize, which can be up to 15,000 euros.

Wanted mini-game

Get three horseshoes on any of the paylines and access the “Wanted” mini-game. Like in the Wild West, you can see posters with outlaws that will light up intermittently, always having one poster lit up. You can press the “Accumulate” button to stop the light and select a sign with a multiplier.

The number of illuminated signs will be only one, with the light moving rapidly, indicating the active multiplier until the user stops it. A question mark (“?”) will also appear on the screen with a random multiplier that will be revealed if the light is stopped on it.

Frequent questions

<h3>What is the RTP of Santa Fe Mix?</h3>

The RTP of Santa Fe Mix is 95%.

<h3>What is the biggest win from the Santa Fe Mix game?</h3>

The maximum prize that can be won is 15,000 euros.

<h3>Where can I download the mobile version of the game?</h3>

Download the Gratogana or LeoVegas app to access the mobile version of the Santa Fe Mix slot.

<h3>Can Santa Fe Mix be played with cryptocurrencies?</h3>

There are no cryptocurrency casinos that offer the Santa Fe Mix slot.

<h3>What are the titles similar to Santa Fe Mix?</h3>

The RF Neopolis, RF Burlesque and Gnomos Mix slot machines have similar mechanics to the Santa Fe Mix slot.

<h3>What are the minimum and maximum bets in the game?</h3>

You can bet from 0.20 to 15 euros on the Santa Fe Mix slot machine.

<h3>Is this title suitable for casino beginners?</h3>

Although it has multiple mini-games, the Santa Fe Mix slot machine has simple rules that make it suitable for beginners and players who have little slot experience.

<h3>How much can I win at Santa Fe Mix?</h3>

The maximum prize to win in the Santa Fe Mix slot is 15,000 euros.

The expert’s conclusion

Santa Fe was one of the most popular slots in casinos in Spain, and now it returns to online casinos in Spain renewed, with better graphics, greater excitement and gameplay that has not changed too much.

This is a great slot to enjoy, preferably with some experience, although it is still suitable for new users, who can practice in the demo available for mobile phones and computers, and which will brighten the days of those who have enjoyed this title in the past in Spain.

, an online casino and gambling expert.

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