Funky Time from Evolution

9.8/ 10
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Game Info
  • Name Funky Time
  • Software Evolution Gaming
  • Reels / Rows 0 / 0
  • Paylines 0
  • RTP 95.99%
  • Wilds
  • Free Spins
  • Progressive
  • Mobile
  • Good setting and gameplay.
  • Up to 10,000 times the bet.
  • Multiple bonus games.
  • Roulette with multipliers and bonuses
  • No demo mode.
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Evolution Gaming has revolutionized the casino gaming industry with its live games, and Funky Time is one of the clearest examples. A roulette with several multipliers and various games in which you can enjoy and win money.

Funky Time game circle

All the fun in Evolution’s Funky Time takes place on a giant wheel. A circle with many options for players, no less than 64 different sections, among which 17 betting options can be placed, and three different types of bets can be made:

  • Bets on the number 1:28 of the roulette boxes are marked with the number 1.
  • Letter bets: 24 of the boxes have different letters, together they spell “Play Funk Time”.
  • Bonus game: 12 sections of the wheel are occupied by bonus symbols, 6 by the BAR symbol, 2 by the Stayin’ Alive symbol, 3 by the Disco symbol and only one by the VIP Disco symbol.
play Funky Time

Online casinos to play Funky Time

Jokabet— great mobile app;
— accepts bets.
Nine Casino— large selection of games;
— impeccable player service.
5 Gringos— excellent VIP program;
— big bonuses.
MyStake— bonus up to 1000 euros;
— thousands of games in its catalog.
  • Jokabet logo
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  • NINE CASINO logo
    Nine Casino
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  • Bet on Red logo casino
    Bet on Red
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Funky Time: rules of the game

The rules to play Evolution’s Funky Time are very simple. Place your bet and start spinning the wheel. You can place multiple bets simultaneously in this live casino game. For example, you can choose to bet on each of the 12 available letters, in the same way that you can bet on all 4 different bonuses at the same time.

While the number 1 offers a payout of 1:1 (i.e. you get the same amount you bet), the letters are the highest value symbols, paying out at a ratio of 25 times the bet. Bonus symbols access the various bonus screens available in the Funky Time game.

The RTP of this game is variable. Each symbol has a different RTP. This is the RTP of each symbol in Funky Time by Evolution Gaming:

  • Number 1: RTP of 95.99%;
  • Lyrics: RTP of 95.49%;
  • Bar: RTP of 95.98%;
  • Stayin’ Alive: RTP of 95.49%;
  • Disc: RTP of 95.51%;
  • VIP Disco: RTP of 95.38%.

As you can see, although variable, the return remains quite stable, with a minimum of 95.38% and a maximum of 95.99%.

Funky Time rules

Funky Time on mobile

Evolution’s Funky Time slot is available in both desktop and mobile versions. In this way anyone can enjoy the Funky hour and win money with the wide variety of multipliers that the Funk roulette game offers.

This mobile version has many advantages over the desktop version:

  • Adapted to mobile devices.
  • You can play anywhere.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Deposits and withdrawals directly from your mobile.
Funky Time on mobile

Funky Time bonuses

This live casino game from Evolution stands out for the many bonus games it offers. On the wheel of this slot you can see four different bonus symbols that allow you to access different bonus games.

Funky Time Bar bonus

Bar bonus game

You enter a bar with a robot mixologist where you can choose between three drinks. The one you choose will reveal a multiplier that will increase your winnings. It is the most common bonus game you will come across in Funky Time.

Funky Time Stayin’ Alive

Stayin’ Alive

Within this mini-game you will see a bingo machine where you must choose a color to guess which one will come out of the ball. You have 4 lives to get your prediction right. During the game there is a 20-level multiplier ladder, where the lowest level is x5 and the highest level is x10,000.

Funky Time Disco bonus

Disco bonus round

The world is at the feet of Mr Funky. A disco dance floor with 37 squares opens in the Disco game. The DJ spins an 8-section wheel indicating the direction Mr Funky will move and collect multipliers from the squares.

Funky Time VIP Disco

VIP disco bonus round

Have you gotten the VIP pass? Enjoy no less than 67 squares in which Mr Funky will dance to get the multipliers and make your prize much more interesting in this bonus game. It is one of the most difficult symbols to get, with less than 2% probability, and allows you to obtain multipliers of up to 1500 times the bet.

Funky Time demo version

Although many slots have a demo version nowadays, which allows you to test their functions before playing for real money, Evolution’s Funky Time does not have this demo version.

The lack of a demo is because the essence of this game is its live experience, and a demo mode would take away much of the fun of the most popular roulette.

Funky Time live play demo

We are often asked

<h3>What are the best places to play Funky Time?</h3>

The best casinos to enjoy the Funky Time game are Jokabet, Nine Casino and My Stake.

<h3>Can I play Funky Time for free?</h3>

This casino game does not have a demo version to play for free.

<h3>Is Funky Time suitable for casino beginners?</h3>

Yes. It is a game that, although it has many bonus rounds, has clear and simple rules.

<h3>How much can I win at Funky Time?</h3>

The maximum prize that can be won in the Evolution Gaming Funky Time game is 10,000 times the bet.

<h3>What strategies can I use to play Funky Time?</h3>

Take advantage of all the bonuses available in the game to multiply the winning rounds you achieve when spinning the wheel.

<h3>Are the rules of Funky Time difficult?</h3>

No. The rules of the Funky Time game are very simple, anyone can play this game and understand it in a matter of minutes.

<h3>What is the RTP of Funky Time?</h3>

The RTP of the Funky Time game is variable. The minimum is 95.38% and its maximum RTP is 95.99%.

<h3>What are the bet sizes in the game?</h3>

The minimum bet that can be made in the game is 0.1 euros and the maximum bet is 500 euros.

<h3>How long does a round of the game last?</h3>

Approximately each round in Evolution Gaming’s Funky Time game lasts 3 minutes.

<h3>How is Funky Time better than Crazy Time?</h3>

It has better atmosphere and visual effects, as well as greater bonuses for the wins obtained by spinning the wheel.

Game screenshots

Expert opinion on the game

Funky Time by Evolution is a very fun and interesting game, which shares some characteristics of slots, although it is a more striking experience that happens live.

This game has a wide variety of interesting features and multipliers, as well as simple rules that allow anyone to play without complications. The only negative point to highlight is the lack of a demo version.

, an online casino and gambling expert.

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